The Luxurious Rose

Our most premium wedding film package, documenting your love story!

This is for those looking to document your entire love story, encompassing your entire wedding process! Perfect for couples who are comfortable in front of the camera, this package is created for those interested in a documentary style film, as well as additional social media content and some fun and romantic dates times as well!

Step One

Once booked:
We grab coffee and get to know you - learning and hearing your story - from the start we film almost everything, these clips help us tell your love story in the documentary!

- - -

Step Two

We film a movement filled, engagement session - slow dancing, snuggles, all the feels - this is so fun and is a perfect chance to plan a romantic date that we just so happen to be at!
From this we also provide short snippets perfect for social media!

- - -

Step Three

You're wedding day! Ten hours of videography coverage on the big date - a full length ceremony film, a 4-10 minute highlight film, and a first dance/speeches/cake cutting are all included, in addition to 'the documentary'

- - -

Step Four

Following up about all the day's feelings - recapping how it all happened - reminiscing back on your wedding day.
This is wonderful for bringing the whole story together and 'the documentary' to a close.

$6000 (+ tax)

The documentary style film is one you go back to time after time and is an amazing way to capture your wedding and the love surrounding you and your significant other! (This is deliverable in a few convenient forms including a flash drive for safe keeping.)

The end film will be 30-40 minutes long and will include audio and video from the first meeting together, through all our times spent with you including moments from the big day to encompass your love for each other.

This (we hope) will be a film for the ages, timeless, romantic, fun, reminiscent, and a perfect reminder for why you love and married the delightful person that you did.

A few notes to add:

*to reserve your date we require a $1500 retainer which is non-refundable. (remaining balance is due by or before the day prior to your wedding date.)

**delivery is as follows, from the initial meeting there is no specific delivery, that media is used in the documentary. From the engagement session we deliver short form videos/gifs online within 30 days of session. The wedding day media will be delivered within 12 weeks of the day (not including the documentary). The documentary is delivered within 6 months of your wedding.